Hi, Golembert!

Golembert is a beautifully illustrated story game about a Gardener Golem who takes care of the plants and spirits on his tiny island.


Grow fresh veggies, barter them with your friends meet lovable characters, decorate your garden, and make the world better through your choices!


Plant your crops, water them, and refresh their soil with humus from your compost. Each type of crop has unique needs – some need more, some less water for example!

Slice of Life

Besides the tranquility of taking care of your plants, the game is about the people that come by and visit you. Through helping out and sometimes just being there for somebody, Golembert will form long-lasting bonds to his friends.

Make Friends

Harvest your crops and process them into more

valuable items. Barter your products with NPCs to get access to items you cannot produce. For some Quests you need to think outside the box!